Best Screen replacement kit for iPhone Xr\Xs\12\Pro\Max

Getting your iPhone screen broken into parts is the most devastating thing to experience. That said, you need not worry much about it as you can easily replace the screen of any recent iPhone models. In this article i picked the best screen replacement kit for your iPhone but before that there are few things that i considered, shipping, sellers reputation, parts quality etc.. continue reading below


i selected the kits with the fastest shipping option that means all kits with prime eligible, if you are a prime member you will get your parts in one day. This ensures you won’t have to deal more days with a broken screen.

Parts Quality:

I checked also the buyers reviews, because this is the best option to check the parts quality instead of trusting the seller’s product description blindly. That’s where you get to know about the different parts’ quality available in the kit

Seller’s Reputation:

It is vital that i had to check the seller’s reputation by checking their sellers feedback. This is to ensure that you’re not scammed through a fake seller.

What’s Inside the Package:

It’s not just screen replacement that important for repair, but you will also need the necessary tools that will help you fix your broken iPhone screen, i make sure that all kits below i recommended come with all you needs to fix your phone.

Here are the best Replacement screen kit for your iPhone X, 11, 12, 13 models

Best iPhone X Screen Replacement Kit 

Best iPhone XR Screen Replacement Kit

Best iPhone XS Screen Replacement Kit 

Best iPhone XS Max Replacement Screen Kit

With rigorous testing, this screen has passed most of the quality tests and is highly reliable. It has 4.5 user ratings which shows the quality of the product as well. It is compatible with A1921, A2101, A2102, A2103, A2104 iPhone XS Max models only and not the other iPhone models. Just watch the video, replicate the steps, and your screen can be installed within minutes, no technical knowledge is required too. 

Best iPhone 12/12 Pro Screen replacement Kit 

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen replacement Kit


Can you replace iPhone screen yourself?

Yes, it’s easy to replace the iPhone screen yourself as most of the products now come with a video installation guide apart from the product manual. 

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone Screen?

It could cost anywhere between $40 to $150 depending on your iPhone model. But these pricing is not of the official Apple’s official store but they’re of third-party screen costs available on marketplaces like Amazon. 


Pick the best screen as per your needs and the model of iPhone you own. Should you have any questions, do let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to help you guys to best of my knowledge. 

IT Technician & Tech Passionate


IT Technician & Tech Passionate

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